Process management

InDiiD   (Innovative Digital Distribution of Concerts)
Collaborating organizers and organizations are offered digital skill development anchored through test broadcasts and concept development.

Knutpunkt   (Junction)
Knutpunkt is a network consisting of 19 organizers and venues. It builds sustainable tour structures to include active climate work into concert activities.
Knutpunkt invests regularly in both physical and digital meetings and in inspirational trips to augment the competencies and the professionalization of the concert organizers.
Knutpunkt expands participation and increases accessibility for audiences by livestreaming concerts that take place within the organizer concerts programs.
Knutpunkt builds an international contact base to increase internationalization and contribute to a regional reputation in the field of music.
Knutpunkt is a resource for organizers who need fast management and relevant competencies.
Knutpunkt promotes quality and artistic renewal within the music field and prioritizes gender equality and diversity.
Knutpunkt collaborates with local, national and international organizations with the objective to increase regional relevance and create new exchange 

GAS Festival
Göteborg Art Sounds, the GAS festival, was launched in 1999 and is Sweden's largest festival presenting sound art, modern composition, improvisation and electronica. Live performances are interspersed with sound installations, and prerecorded sounds co-exist with live improvisation and notated music. The management group works continuously with the production and planning of the annual festival, under the direction of GAS (Göteborg Art Sounds), in
collaboration with GAC (Göteborg Artist Center) as part of the GAS festival's project management and with the responsibility for GAS' financial management and accounting since 2001.

GAS is an active partner of the Nordic-Baltic Network, FENOBA, including Estonia Music Week, Talinn / Spor, Århus / Punkt, Kristiansand / Ultima, Oslo /and GAS festival, Gothenburg. GAS is also a member of the festival network
CARTEL, a transatlantic network promoting international co-productions and artist exchanges. CARTEL works with the following festivals: ISSUE Project Room New York, USA / Mata Festival New York, USA / Ars Nova Workshop
Philadelphia, USA / REDCAT / CalArts Los Angeles, USA / Music on Main Vancouver, Canada / Music Gallery Toronto, Canada / FIMAV Victoriaville, Canada / Le Vivier Montréal, Canada / Suoni Per Il Popolo Montréal, Canada /
Ultima Oslo, Norway / SPOR Aarhus, Denmark / hcmf//, Huddersfield , UK / Transit Leuven, Belgium / November Music Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands / Flanders Festival Kortrijk Kortrijk, Belgium / Dark Music Days Reykjavik,
Iceland / Mikromusik Berlin, Germany /Time of Music Festival Viitaasaari, Finland / SNYK / G((o))ng Tomorrow, Copenhagen, Denmark.