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GAC acts as trustee and resource for artists, cultural companies and organizations. If necessary, GAC takes responsibility towards donors and authorities for various types of cultural projects.

Konsert och Motionär
Älvtoner (River Sounds)

In 2016, the association Älvtoner (municipality of Ale, West Sweden) has inititated the collaboration with GAC. The association's different projects are administered and managed by GAC, the project 'Trust Your Ears', along with 'Concert and Physical Exerciser' (site-specific conerts in Ale, Gothenburg, Kungälv and Uddevalla) and 'Via Saranac' (a collaboration between composersmusicians in the US and in Sweden).

Ubbhults Barockfestival (the Baroque Festival of Ubbhult)
A collaboration has been initiated in 2016 prior to the arrangement of the first Baroque Festival in Ubbhult in May 2017, with the orchestra Karlsson Barock as the musical center. GAC manages the economy of the project.

Gageego is an ensemble focusing on Contemporary Classical Music.