As a concert organizer, you often encounter various obstacles along the way and you are constantly reminded of the most challenging contemporary issues.

Collaboration between music scenes is now becoming more and more relevant, not only to be able to utilize the scarce financial resources that are constantly being tightened due to cultural winds turning, but also to be able to save nature's resources through, among other things, smart planning of tours.

In the JazzClime project, Göteborg Artist Center (GAC) wants to investigate how small music venues in collaboration can address the climate issue. Through this, GAC wants to create opportunities for climate smart and environmentally friendly solutions for tours in a collaborative project where organizers receive external expertise from a climate expert but also exchange their own experiences and reflections. GAC also wants to give organizers a chance to educate themselves in the climate field in general to give them an opportunity to develop their own business into a new awareness of the climate issue. Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time and through this project the scenes will have the opportunity to be part of the positive change. 

Maria Rylander